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The Day Has Finally Arrived!

Hi folks,

Wow...a year and a half...and the big day is here.

How do I feel? Well, I feel a million things at once to be honest. Tired being one of them, but that's only because Nicole and I have been running around all week and have not stopped at all. Whoever said the week before your wedding is the most hectic is NOT kidding!! You could be so prepared but then forget this, that, and the other thing. Plus, I worked most of the week except for today (well, technically yesterday already) being Friday and I left a little earlier Thursday. It was just a marathon of week, let me tell you.

Having said that, obviously I'm feeling a sense of excitement! That's the biggest one of them all. I just...wow...I can't believe I'm marrying my sweetie tomorrow for close friends and family to see. It's incredible, it really is. It's going to be like a "This Is Your Life" or something along those lines. A "Who's-Who" so to speak. All the people will be in attendance who have made Nicole and I what we are today. And that? That's awesome.

It also feels like tomorrow's Christmas...combined with the 4th of July...combined with your birthday...combined with your family reunion...combined with the Royal Rumble...combined with Disney World. All things that get me excited in a giant mashup. It's truly unreal. I hate to sound like a broken record, but I just can't believe it. As tired as I am right now, I'd imagine I may have some trouble sleeping, at least, at first. The thoughts just swirl around in your head (I know from my sleep last night) and you just can't help but think about things. A worry here, a "did I forget something?" there. It's bound to happen. All I can hope and pray for is a day that runs as smoothly as possible. We have a few tricks up our sleeves and hope they're able to come to fruition. We had our wedding rehearsal last night and while the church part was a little chaotic, especially when you have a larger wedding party, the dinner portion that followed thereafter was just lovely. It really was. I loved seeing all my family and friends under one roof.

Tomorrow will certainly be the same. While we have a large wedding party and even those helping us during the actual mass, I want people to understand that each and every person at that event will have a special place in our hearts and belong there. Each of our guests are a big piece of the puzzle that forms the support system behind Nicole and I.

Well, I'd better get to bed as it is nearing 1:00 AM. I have to look nice for tomorrow, you know. The bags under my eyes can only go so low, haha.

I truly thank everyone for their support over the years from the bottom of my heart.

Until next time...




November 2015

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