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The Chronicles of Jonathan Dano

Jonathan 'Dano' DiDonato
12 August 1983
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Hey my name's Jonathan (not John/Jon which is a common mistake). I'm about 5'6 1/2 with brown hair and brown eyes. I lived in Middle Village until 1994, then Douglaston until 1997, and finally Forest Hills. I went to Our Lady of Hope and then Our Lady of Mercy for elementary school, Archbishop Molloy for high school, and I am currently attending Queens College. A real passion of mine is creating movies with my digital camera using a professional editing system. At the moment, I run a sitcom which I produce, co-direct, co-write, edit, and act in with the co-owners, my friends, Sal and Michael. Look in my interests for other hobbies I may have.
a bronx tale, abbott and costello, adam sandler, adriana lima, aerosmith, alf, all in the family, american idol, andre the giant, angelina jolie, arnold schwarzenegger, austin powers, babes in toyland, back to the future, barry white, beach boys, beatles, bee gees, bill murray, billy joel, bobby darin, bobby heenan, brendan frasier, bret hart, carmen electra, carol grow, charles in charge, chevy chase, chris benoit, chris jericho, christian cage, christmas, christopher lloyd, christopher walken, curb your enthusiasm, daniella pestova, dean martin, dean martin celebrity roasts, diff'rent strokes, don rickles, drew barrymore, ducktales, dumb & dumber, dvds, elizabeth hurley, everybody loves raymond, family guy, frank sinatra, friends, full house, garfield, ghostbusters, gilligan's island, grandstands, groundhog day, halloween, happy days, heroes, home alone, hulk hogan, indiana jones, ipod, it's a wonderful life, james taylor, jbl, jim carrey, jimmy eat world, john candy, john ritter, johnny depp, johnny rockets, jolene blalock, jurassic park, karaoke, kurt angle, larry david, laurel and hardy, martin scorcese, marx brothers, meet the parents, michael j. fox, michael jackson, mick foley, mickie james, national lampoon's christmas vacation, national lampoon's vacation, no doubt, ny yankees, old navy, owen wilson, patch adams, pirates of the caribbean, raging bull, ric flair, robin williams, roddy piper, rolling stones, saturday night fever, saturday night live, saved by the bell, seinfeld, sinbad, smashmouth, spider-man, stacy keibler, steve buscemi, steve carell, t.g.i. friday's, teenage mutant ninja turtles, terri runnels, thanksgiving, the fonz, the gap, the graduate, the honeymooners, the insiders, the munsters, the muppets, the naked gun, the odd couple, the rat pack, the rock, the rockers, the simpsons, the twilight zone, the wedding singer, three's company, tom cruise, tom jones, tony danza, torrie wilson, toy story, u2, uncle john's bathroom readers, victoria's secret catalogues, vince mcmahon, wacky races, walt disney world, wayne's world, white castle, who's the boss?, will ferrell, will smith, woody allen, wwe, wwe raw, wwe smackdown!, wwf, x-men